Gobi Gear Warranty Exchange Program

Welcome to the Gobi Gear Warranty Exchange program Terms and Conditions page.

You have arrived here because you have initiated a warranty claim with our support ticket.  Adherence to this page is mandatory for a successful exchange and/or refund when applicable.

Domestic Users

If you are a customer that resides in the United States, that does not require custom's declaration's or international shipment, this part is for you.  (If you require such service, please see the US Diplomatic/Military Abroad policies at the end of the page.)

Our process begins when you contact us.

Since you have arrived at this page, you have already completed the first step.

The next steps can vary depending on what the support agent had you do.  Please note: It is up to the AGENT not YOU (The user) to determine which method will be used.  Requesting a method may be ignored.

Option A)

  • -->Ship back the defective product to us.
  • -->We would provide a shipping label with a maximum weight postage for your order and we will include this label in PDF form in your support ticket.  The weight will be dependent on the order and item(s) being returned, plus enough for a shipping container. If your return package should go over the maximum amount, and you discover this before handing it over to the carrier, please contact as soon as possible.  If the carrier rejects the package as being under paid for the weight and by having it returned to you, you will be responsible for the return costs, as the original label can not be voided.  If you have any concerns about the weight of the parcel, please contact us. We will work as best as we can with you.
  • .
  • -->Once we receive the package (not necessarily when it gets delivered), we will open it and inspect it.  During this inspection we are looking at the following (but not limited to): 1) Signs of extreme wear and tear. 2) Signs of improper use of the bag that it was not intended to be used as. 3) The defective part mentioned in the support ticket. 4) Any other indications of abuse beyond what is considered standard.
  • .
  • -->Once confirmed, we will mail you a replacement product.  Please note: We can not promise or make any guarantees that you may receive the exact same model or type of product.  If we are out of the size, we may upgrade you (on our behalf) to the next available size that has the equivalent features.
  • .
  • --> The shipping speed will be the cheapest and safest option used.  If you would like to upgrade to a different shipping speed, you may request so and an invoice will be made for you to pay the difference.  The invoice can only be paid online and the shipping address must match the billing address and/or the original shipping address.  Please note: It is our policy that we do not use the following method: USPS Parcel Post.

Option B) [Fastest option for shipping back]

  • -->Ship back the product to us, after providing a picture of the defect.
  • .
  • -->Once the picture is provided, we will start the exchange process in getting out your replacement part.
  • --> We will mail you the replacement part along with a return label in the packaging.
  • We as that you please use the same packaging that the replacement comes in. This saves us materials and is better able to be used for weight purposes on the return label.  This minimizes the risk of a package being returned to your address due to insufficient postage.  However, if you please that the package can not withstand a return trip, please let us know in the support ticket as soon as possible so we can void that one out and issue a new one.
  • .
  • -->The shipping speed will be the slowest and safest shipping speed available, which is usually USPS First Class Mail for most of our items.  If you need to upgrade the shipping speed, we can invoice you via our website invoice system (provided by Shopify(TM) )
  • .
  • --> If you fail to send back the package within 30 days, we will send an invoice out for the full cost of the product.  If that is not paid within 30 days, it may be passed onto a collection agency, at which point it will be out of our hands to handle the situation.
  • .
  • -->> We reserve the right to now provide a return shipping label.  If you did NOT receive a shipping label, it means that it was determined that we do not need the product back as the picture is sufficient for our needs.  This is up to the sole discretion of the agent handling the case.  The Agent should inform you if this will be the case before the replacement is sent.
International Users

If you are a customer that resides outside the United States, but is not part of a Military PO/DPO system, this section is for you.

Due to the rising costs of international shipments, we may no longer require you to return our product(s) that are defective.  In these cases, we will ask you for detailed pictures, including the overall look of the product(s) and close ups to where the defect happened.

If you are requested to return the damaged item, please provide a receipt of the shipping costs INSIDE the package if possible.  If it is not possible, as certain countries make it illegal/against policies to add anything to the package once the postage has been paid for, please scan or take a picture of the receipt and send it to the agent via email in the support ticket.  Without this receipt we can not refund you the cost of the return shipment.

Please note: If you ordered one or more of our products via a 3rd party such as Amazon.com, Zulily or Drop (Formerly MassDrop), we can not refund you the return shipping costs.  You must use their customer support system for any exchanges.  If you wouldn't mind handling the shipment cost, you can use our warranty program.  Our Agent will be happy to further assist if this is going to be a problem.

Shipping your replacement, once the defect is confirmed will take place within 2-3 business days.  This does not include when the office is closed and US national Holidays.  Once shipped, the process can take between 1-4 weeks to get to your location.  Please note: Tariffs and/or import fees may be applied by your local carrier. Exchanges are not covered in our DDP program.  Declared value of the shipment is based upon a formula that will keep costs as low as we can legally declare them.  In most countries, these values are below the Import Fee's threshold.  Tariffs are subject to change, even during transit and we are unable at this time to give an estimate.

Certain European Countries may have their replacements sent by a 3rd authorized party.  If this is a case, you may be required to send the defective product to this party to complete the exchange. Information regarding your order, verification of location and address and phone number's (for shipping purposes only) and product information will be shared with this 3rd party if they will be used for the exchange.

By not responding to our agent saying you decline to participate in this program, you are agreeing to the above terms.

Military PO and DPO Policies

For those in service to the United States Military or Diplomatic Missions, we enforce Option B of our Domestic policy, with a few additional addons:

  1. Your package may take longer than mentioned on the shipping confirmation email.  This is due to the fact that the tracking estimates to when it gets handed over to the system that handles the process outside the US, and does not cover that time frame.
  2. Military PO only: Delayed returns of the defective product maybe requested.  If requested, there will be an explanation as to why.
  3. DPO recipients may still have a return product request, but this will be discussed on a case by case basis in the support ticket.
  4. FedEX/UPS are not acceptable upgrades due to the nature of the destination.  USPS Priority Mail and/or USPS First Class Package are the speeds allowed by the USPS, therefor no upgrades can be requested.

For ALL customers: Additional Terms can be added on by the Support Agent on top of these conditions.  During certain circumstances, the Agent can also override, at their discretion, any of these terms with good cause.