Our Story – Get To Know Us

The Gobi Gear Namesake

What’s Gobi Gear, you might ask.  And why “Gobi”?

Gobi Gear is named after the Gobi Desert, in Mongolia, to pay tribute to the Mongolian nomads, who are, by nature, probably the most efficient travelers on Earth.  Living a nomadic life means packing up your belongings and moving on every so often.  You must be good at staying organized.  We like to think that the travelers we outfit get just a dose of this practicality and efficiency through the use of our gear bags. Our simple yet well thought out gear allows everyone to travel more efficiently.

And as a bonus, we prefer the lifestyle on minimalism – not being owned by our things, but rather having only the most essential items for life.  It makes it easier to pick up and go wherever, whenever, and not feel tied down.  To this, we greatly honor and appreciate the nomadic people’s of this Earth.  Sometimes, less truly is more.

Mantra & Mission

Rummage Less, Explore More.  We want you to catch that sunset on the peak, to see those wildflowers that only bloom for a fraction of time on the high alpine slopes.  Surprises should be in what is over the next ridge-line, and not the whereabouts of your gear.  It is our mission to outfit you with no nonsense, simple yet super practical organizational gear for all of your great adventures.

Reliability.  We make our products from the highest quality, ultralight performance fabrics and parts. Yes, we could have gone for cheaper, lower quality products, ones that will degrade after a few years of use and leave you wondering why you bought that.  Instead, we want our gear to last a lifetime – and we stand by that with our lifetime guarantee.

Happiness.  We want you to be happy with your purchase.  No buyer’s remorse here.  If you aren’t satisfied, just let us know.  We’ll take it back, no problem!

Location. We have decided to headquarter ourselves in the wonderful, outdoor paradise known as Bend, Oregon. With trees, lakes, mountains and outdoor activities year-round, we have found a way to balance a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle with a business we love.

Does this really not exist elsewhere?

This is the question we asked ourselves in 2009, while trekking around Asia.  How is there not a better way to pack?

Gobi Gear is unique in that we are the only company to divide up an entire bag into multiple compartments for hikers and travelers.  We are doing to your backpack what Tupperware did for your kitchen, what tool-belts did for your garage workshop.

Unlike single-sleeve stuff sacks and packing cubes, which might keep your items separated but still leave you searching your bag for what-went-where, Gobi Gear bags keep it all in one place, yet still separated and organized.  Now you can spend more time doing what you love and less time rummaging around for lost items!

Check out how our products work in these videos –>

8 years of experience and love

Eight years ago we set out on a hourney to help everyone Pack Like A Boss.  Over those years we have refined and perfected our gear, listening to what our customers actually need.

Got a suggestion?  We’d love to hear from you!  Just use the message form below and let us know what you think.