How To Pack The Perfect Diaper Bag With Gobi Gear

Can’t find the perfect diaper bag?

Diaper bags come in a myriad of styles, yet somehow I still find myself disappointed.

The issue isn’t the number of pockets, straps, or zippers.  The problem is that sometimes I need them a modular system – as in, I need parts that come out. For example, I have two kids with two diaper bags.  One goes to daycare, one stays home.  When we all go somewhere together, I want to recombine into one bag.

But I really don’t want to unpack and repack the contents of one or both of the diaper bags!

Enter: The Perfect Stuff Sack Solution

I have two SegSacs, one for each kid, packed with all the “necessities”, and inserted into their respective diaper bags.  (Necessities = diapers, wipes, cream, a swaddle, and 1 extra outfit in case of disaster)

When I need to combine bags, I pull one SegSac out and drop it next to the other one in the other diaper bag. Voila, problem solved!  I have not had to unpack and repack anything except the single SegSac!

After our day out, I can easily just drop the second SegSac back into it’s original diaper bag.  The entire process takes less than 5 seconds.   


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