Back to School with Gobi Gear

Summer has come to an end, which means that it’s time to back to school. Trying to balance busy schedules and after school activities can be a challenge, and staying organized is a must! We’re here to help you find creative ways to use our SegSac Original or the SegSac Traveler and keep your child or teenager’s gear organized and in one place while you’re on the go! Both of these bags are ideal for quick, easy organization for any subject or extracurricular activity.

School supplies
New year, new grade level, means a whole new list list of school supplies. It is so easy for all the little things like pencils and calculators to become buried at the bottom of your backpack. No one likes rummaging through what can seem like an endless pit of a school backpack to find that favorite pen. We have a simple solution to fix the problem–a SegSac! Each compartment of your SegSac can hold supplies for specific classes or everyday activities. For example, here is an example of how you can lay out your supplies for school:

  • Top left: Spanish dictionary, pen, and highlighter for Spanish
  • Top right: ruler, graph calculator, and mechanical pencil for math
  • Bottom right: Colored pencils, pencil sharpener, and scissor for art
  • Bottom left: Daily planner, headphones, and index cards for study hour

Sport Equipment
Hitting the field after you hit the books? Whatever sport you’re involved in, keep all your gear in one place so you never have the issue of that one missing sock. 😜
Most sports require the typical uniform or practice clothes, protective gear, equipment like gloves, balls, bat, etc.,specific shoes, and of course water or some kind of sports drink. Using the SegSac Traveler will allow you to carry everything you need for practice or game day with it’s extra fifth compartment.

Overnight Trips
Whether it’s a weekend sleepover, science camp, or a class retreat, packing for overnight trips can be made simple when using a SegSac.  You may only be gone for a couple nights, but somehow there is always plenty to bring, which means plenty of things to get misplaced. It’s likely you’re not going to be gone for long, and the last thing you want to do is waste time searching for your toothbrush or contact lens case when you could be telling spooky stories with your friends. Using your SegSac can help prevent all that time lost searching for those little things in your bag, and keep your friends wishing they had a cool bag like yours! .

Food and snacks
Running around from school, to study groups to band practice to swim meets, you’re going to need to stay fueled by bringing plenty of food and snacks! Separate your sandwich from your fruits and veggies, your water bottles from your energy bars by putting everything in your SegSac Whatever it is that keeps you going throughout the day can, pack it all together in the coolest ‘lunchbag’ around–a Gobi Gear SegSac! And to keep things cool, try throwing in a freeze pack at the bottom of the bag to keep your food cool and fresh all day long!


What else have you used your Gobi Gear SegSac for during the school year? Share with us on our Facebook and Instagram!