Shipping Information

Please note: We have changed several options for shipping! These are already reflected for those that are impacted at checkout.

Shipment Rates and Times.


While most orders are processed instantaneously or shortly thereafter, there is a chance that your order may be not processed into the shipping system right away.  If this is a time sensitive (you need it within 10 business days for domestic, 4 weeks international), please contact us using the support button on the bottom of the screen.

DOMESTIC – Lower 48 + Alaska:

Flat Rate Tier 1 – Our standard shipping option.  We offer a flat rate of $6.25 for any order under $60.  The transit times vary depending on the distance to travel.  Please expect a time of up to 10 Business Days.

Flat Rate Tier 2 – Our standard shipping option for orders ranging from $60.01 to $150.  It is a flat rate of $7.75. Orders in this range will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail.

Super Shipping – If your order is above $150, you will receive free shipping.  Method’s will vary based on rates provided at time of shipment.  Methods may include: FedEX, UPS and USPS Priority Mail

FedEX Saver Pak and 2 Day Saver Pak- These option is primarily best for those ordering just the Free Spirit Backpack.  Due to the nature of the the paks, the product boxes may become deformed.  We will try our best to pack these in such a way that it will minimize deformities.  By using this method, you agree to the possibility of this happening.

UPS – UPS Ground is now available. Due to the wide variables such as destinations and other factors, we have decided to follow our regular shipping and have 3 tiers, all of which are flat rat based on how you much you spend prior to Taxes and shipping. Transit times can take between 1 day and 7 days depending on your location to where is it shipped from.  If you are interested in how long it will take to get to you, please use our support button below and create a ticket.


Gold Shipping – Our Standard Shipping option.  We offer a flat rate of $6.75 for any order $60 or under.  The transit times typically take between 4-10 days depending on final destination of the package.

Hawaiian Priority – For orders between $60 and $150, the shipping costs will be $7.95.  It will ship via USPS Priority Mail, transit times are typically 2-4 days.

Hawaiian Shipping Saver – For Orders over $150, the shipping cost will be $1.50.

UPS Delivery – We currently do not offer Overnight or 2nd Day delivery via our website.  If you need it for a trip or other time sensitive reason, please contact support by the support button below to get a quote.

Puerto Rico

Gold Shipping
– For orders under $60, shipping will cost $6.85.

Priority Shipping – USPS Priority Mail – For all orders over $60, the shipping cost will be $8.00 and will ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping times can vary due to factors outside our control, but typically take 3-5 days.

Duties Paid

For the following Countries or Zones, Duty Paid Shipping (known as DDP) will be offered. In some cases, this will be the only option.  For those who are getting shipped to a zone location (such as the European Union), You may receive a cheaper option that would omit this feature.  It will say so on the shipment option that it will not include Duties paid.  While initially cheaper, this would mean that you would be responsible for any Duties that your country may charge.  Additional Fees may also be charged by your carrier for collecting said Duties.  Please check with them for more information.

Countries or Zones:

The United Kingdom: Fully Participates in this program.  Non-Pre-Paid Duty options are NOT available.  Duties are built into the shipping price, which is why the price of shipping goes up the more you spend^^

Canada: Fully Participates in this program. We are no longer offering the standard shipping service as of 1/20/2019.  Transit times will increase marginally with this as they will be shipped along side out International schedule (located below).

Western Europe: Western Europe has a fully participating level.  However, we are currently still sorting out which countries fall under this description based off of shipper’s guidelines.

Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe will have the option to have their package be sent without the DDP service.  If you see this option, please be advised that while it may be cheaper initially, you will be responsible for all Duties plus additional fees. However, we are currently still sorting out which countries fall under this description based off of shipper’s guidelines.

A few important notes:

–> If your country still charges VAT on top of the duties or custom’s fees, this option will NOT cover it. You will be responsible for paying any additional VAT addons.

–> This is a trial service we are using for the summer.  This maybe replaced with our initial shipping service below.

(Please note: As of this time, Orders containing the Free Spirit Backpack will incur a delay in shipment for up to 1 week.)

We thank you for your patience while we are trying this service.  Please feel free to contact us via our help desk by submitting a ticket in the support button on the lower left portion of the screen.

If your country is not listed or part of the zones above, please see the Shipping Options below.  We are continuously updating our system.

Rest of the World

World Flat Rate: $19 flat rate.  For all other countries we are able to ship to.  Transit times can be up to 6 weeks, though most average 3 to 4 weeks. Time is dependent on the country and customs clearance. Please note: You will still be responsible for paying the carrier for Taxes/Duties/Import costs charged by them and/or your government.

US Armed Services Addresses

We honor our Armed Forces customer’s that ship to the following endings AA. AE, AP.  The system will automatically display the shipping discounts if you enter an address that matches the system.

Please note:  Our system is set up for those shipping to the above regions (AA, AE, AP).  Shipping outside of those “regions” will incur regular shipping costs and speeds.

International Shipping Schedule:

For locations with DDP

In order for us to give you the best pricing possible, we have scaled down the international shipping dates to two dates during the week. While this has changed, we believe the overall transit window times will not change, and may improve.

We anticipate a transit time of 2-4 weeks from when shipped, but may be longer depending on your country

International shipment dates are the following:

Mondays and Thursdays of each week.

If you order on these days, your order will ship out on a Thursday

Monday (Past 2 pm EST), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Prior to 2pm EST)

If you order on these days, your order will ship on the Monday:

Thursday (Past 2 pm EST), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Prior to 2 pm)

Please note these dates are subject to change. Holidays or days when there aren’t transit options available that day, the shipment will be postponed to the next available day.

For Locations without DDP

Shipping will commence on any day between Tuesday and Friday.  Transit times are expected to be between 3-6 weeks.

*Effective January 27th, 2019 our shipping prices are being  forced to  increase due to the cost of the increase in postal rates.  While we do everything we can to minimize the impact of shipping rates increases from our providers, we do have to raise them when there is a dramatic change.  We are still evaluating the changes and will post them to this page once completed.

^^These are tier based shipping prices.  These tiers can change throughout the year and is based on value of the total order.  Tiers typically run for every $100 (so Tier one may be 0-99.99 and Tier two maybe 100-199.99)