Gobi Gear, INC SetMore Terms and Conditions

This page illustrates what the Terms and Conditions are for when we are using the Setmore interface for all appoitnments.

The regular Terms and Conditions for this site will remain in full effect in addition to this document.  Terms listed on here are designed specifically for the purposes of SetMore communications that are set up via that system.


General Statement

By using the SetMore service to set up Phone orders, Gobi Gear (we, they, our) and The customer (You) will enter into an agreement that this service is completely optional and is not required to place an order over the phone.  You understand that Gobi Gear, it’s employees may cancel the appointment with no to little notice if they are unable to keep the appointment.  If we have to cancel due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to, power outages, business emergencies or other obstacles that impede our ability to  help you at the requested time, we will attempt to notify you at that time.


Setmore policies supersedes Gobi Gear’s policy.

You understand that using Setmore to book an appointment time indicates that you have accepted their terms  in full without objection.  You understand that we do not own Setmore and only are using their services to provide you a better experience.


Your privacy in regards to Gobi Gear, INC

While you are knowingly sharing information regarding your personal information such as email address and a phone number, our general Private policy is still enforcable with a few exceptions:

  1. Your number may be shared between support staff to better help you.  Since it is an appointment based system, Gobi Gear, INC and its employees will be calling you via the phone number associated with the appointment.
  2. Your information provided during the phone calls will be be kept between the parties involved.  Please note:  We are in the process of switching PoS checkout systems for our website.  Once this occurs, the process of placing an online order changes.  You will be notified of which PoS system we will be using prior to the transaction.  The current plan is to switch over to the SQUARE system, which can at this time only take US/Canada orders.  This is subject to change and will be reviewed with you prior to checkout.
  3. Your phone number will not be used for any marketing purposes unless otherwise said during the call, which you will have an opportunity to opt out.
    1. Exception:  When using the Backpack Talking appoints, the phone number is recorded for purposes of contacting you regarding the development of the product and active inputs.  You may receive a non-scheduled call back, if we will like to follow up with you.
  4. Emails are still required to be given to us.  This is to verify that the system has placed your order.  With Square PoS, the email address is kept “confidential” from us and will not be shared with our marketing system once the transaction is completed.  However, if you would like to receive tracking information, you must request it.  Requesting tracking information will not enlist you into our marketing email list.
    1. Please note:  The current system does allow us to capture your email for marketing purposes.  Because of the nature of the order, the default setting is to not enlist you into marketing emails, and we will not solicit you to join the list while on the phone.
  5. Our fraud protection system helps keep fraudulent orders from getting through.  Because of this, the name on the card must match up with the information provided.  Phone orders can ONLY be shipped to the same address as the billing address.  This is to better help you keep things more secure.


If you have to reschedule your appointment, the cutoff time is 2 hours prior to the appointment scheduled. If it is under that time frame, please contact our customer service and they will relay that the meeting has been cancelled. Please do NOT book another appointment.  Our Customer Service agent will be able to do so on our end, just please include available times in your email to when you would like to rebook.  We will try our best to reaccomodate you.


Failure to Cancel

If you fail to cancel your scheduled appointment, you will have the opportunity to schedule another appoint at least 2 hours out, if available.  Multiple failures to cancel may lead to a system termination and having future appointments cancelled automatically.  Gobi Gear, INC reserves the right to block anyone it deems as abusive to the system.


International Customers

While we try to make sure that we can take orders from pretty much anywhere in the world, please understand that in the next system, we may be forced to use an online payment system with zero options for doing the transactions over the phone. We will inform you upon confirming your appointment time whether or not an over the phone payment is capable.


Please understand that this page is updated regularly and is subject to change without warning.


We thank you for your interest in Gobi Gear and it’s Products.


Last updated: May 30th 2017