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What does Happy Hour mean to you?

Our new “Happy Hour” Backpacks are here to repurpose the traditional meaning of happy hour, and build a community around all of the different types of après-work fun, emphasizing healthy relationships with family, friends, and the outdoors. 

Yes, these backpacks keep your drinks cold - but did we say what kind of drinks?

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While Happy Hour still happens in bars around the country, countless others are taking to the trails, gym, and beach (with or without kids!) for their after-work adventures.  These truly unique backpacks capture this new concept of Happy Hour - it is whatever you do for fun!

The Happy Hour Backpacks turn any hour into happy hour - with a little something for everyone.


  • Lower pouch keeps drinks cold
  • Lower pouch doubles as waterproof storage for sports/beach
  • Inner compartments keep it all organized
  • 2 sizes means something for everyone

About our campaign:

  • We are live on Kickstarter through Nov 29, 2018
  • Backers get up to 30% off retail
  • Co-branded & add-on items WILL ship for the holidays
  • 40% holiday discount on all Gobi Gear products, available to backers only

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Bloggers, media outlets and individuals can receive 10% commission on each pledge they refer through our referral program.  Please click here for more.

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