SegSac Original

Like a stuff sack, but better. 1 bag, 4 compartments. Get organized, rummage less. Our most minimalistic bag.

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    Organization is freedom. The SegSac is designed to keep you organized, no matter where life takes you, leaving you the freedom to do what you love.


    Designed for the rugged outdoors, this bag is so practical you’ll want to take it everywhere – from a tote bag organizer to the top of Mt. Whitney.

  • Application

    The SegSac goes inside of another bag. Being so lightweight, it can simply stows away in your pocket when not in use.

  • USES

    Take it anywhere – hiking, camping, to the beach, picnicing, for dog toys, baby gear – even to the grocery store! See life.

try the following with the original SegSac

  • 01

    Separate out items how you like. Dirty vs clean, socks vs tees, warm vs cold weather, etc.

  • 02

    Roll, fold or crumple your items. Shove ’em into the Segsac’s compartments. Easily found later, even if you’re a crumpler.

  • 03

    Pull the drawstring tight and use the cord lock to keep it that way. Items are now secured, just where you want them.

  • 04

    Throw your SegSac, full of goodies now, into another bag – be it a backpack, tote, carry-on. Or if you are like me just carry it under one arm and toss into your car and hope for the best.

how it works

So easy to use it may result in over-packing. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.